Brand Products

Brand Products



Located in Baoding National High-tech Industrial Development Zone, BAODING RONEN SANZHENG ELECTRICS CO., LTD. is a professional manufacturer of induction heating equipments engaged in research & development, manufacturing and application.

Main products of our company:

1) MOSFET solid state high frequency welder, quenching, hot charging, brazing and smelting series of products;

2) IGBT solid state medium frequency/super audio frequency induction heating equipments;

3) SCR medium frequency induction heating equipments;

4) vacuum tube high frequency welder and induction heating equipments;

5) all-digital control DC drive and large power DC power supply units;

6) CNC numerical control and PLC control standard & non-standard quenching machine tools, production line electric control complete equipments;

7) low voltage power network harmonic suppression and dynamic reactive power compensation devices.

Our company is engaged in the design and manufacturing of induction heating equipments, widely applied to the field of machinery, building material, metallurgy, papermaking and automobile manufacturing. Our products fully meet the induction heating requirements of steel tube welding, H-beam welding, stainless steel tube welding, steel strip heating, vacuum smelting, copper tube welding, copper tube annealing, refrigerator pipe welding, metal heat treatment, metal smelting, fusion welding, brazing and hot charging, to be the main electrical control equipments for high strength PC steel bar, screw thread steel bar, aluminum plastic composite pipe, wire & cable, hot strip galvanizing, hot rolled and cold rolled production lines.

The professional and technical personnel of the company have rich experience in the industry of solid state induction heating equipments application, application of power electronic technology engineering, complete equipment automation control field and professional application field extension. The professional engineering technicians accounts for over 60% of all staff members. Our company owns abundant research & development capability, strict quality control system and perfect pre-sale & after-sales service system, significantly showing our strong technical capability and market competition ability.



New employee training

In order to help new employees understand the culture of the enterprise as soon as possible, adapt to the working environment, be familiar with the business process, promote the communication between the employees and the company, the company has held a series of new staff training.

In several training activities, the head of the company and the head of the quality inspection department have focused on the training of the new employees, such as the safety specification, the device identification, the use of tools, the basic electrical knowledge, the principle of product and so on.

The company has always paid attention to providing space for new employees to learn and develop, encourage their own growth and self improvement. The company hopes that through a series of training activities, the new employees will be integrated into the work team as soon as possible, to make achievements in their respective posts, to be brave in their work, to be good at communicating, to work together, and to continue to raise High.